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Myth: DJs simply play music so finding the cheapest DJ should be your strategy.
The DJ that you hire, and the mood that he or she provides is one of the main things your guests will remember about your reception. Do you remember
  the really fun wedding receptions that you have attended? What made it so memorable? Chances are, it was the entertainment. 

That means you dont want to pick just any DJ with a box of compact discs and a couple of speakers. We have heard horror stories of DJs who have ruined seemlingly perfectly planned weddings by either not showing up, bad music (inappropriate for either the event or the crowd), bad quality sound, or a DJ that ran around in funny costumes promoting the company how embarrassing for these couples. Unfortunately for these brides and grooms, they ended up paying the high price in the end!

In other words, like any service provider, you often get what you pay for.  I am sure that you are hiring your florist based on his/her ability to provide beautifully arranged flowers just like you want them.  You will hire your photographer and/or videographer based on their experience, professionalism, and their ability to artistically document your wedding and reception.  You hire all of your service providers based on their quality and SKILL.  You should follow the same rule when selecting a DJ.  You want to hire someone who can deliver quality service.

Question: What SERVICES can I expect from Texas Sound Systems?
Answer: Much more than you think!
Planning - An integral part of most successful receptions.  This is your wedding day! We start by providing documented tools, which make it easy for our clients to tailor their event. By the time we get to our final meeting, your Texas Sound Systems DJ will know what type of music and mood that you are looking for and will use this with his experience to deliver a memorable reception to your guests. The goal is to plan so that things proceed smoothly with a nice pace for you and your guests. 
  • Master of Ceremonies - Keeps things moving smoothly.  We make all the necessary announcements clearly so that all of your guests will know what is going on.  You may have seen the DJ's that just won't keep quiet and talk on the microphone all night.  We are NOT that way!  Also, you may have seen the opposite of the spectrum where the DJ says nothing at all.  We are also NOT that way!
  • Disc Jockey - Reading your crowd and playing the right music.  There is an art to playing the right song at the right time.  Every crowd is different from the next so your experienced Texas Sound Systems DJ will read the crowd and deliver the appropriate music.
  • Musical Knowledge & Variety - Appealing to many ages and tastes.  It is absolutely worthless to hire a DJ that only knows one or two genres of music well.  Your guests will have many musical tastes, and there is simply no room for a DJ who sits there and imposes his/her musical tastes on you and your guests.  An experienced and skilled DJ will take requests and have knowledge about the types of music being requested.
  • Coordination - Handling the details before and during your reception.  An experienced DJ spends a good deal of time coordinating the details and working with your other vendors during the wedding to ensure a smooth flow to your event.  The DJ is often the "Go-To" person for your other vendors, catering staff, and guests.