1. What types of music do you play?
This is an important question. We have an extensive music list which includes a wide variety of genres - everything from oldies and country, to tejano and top 40 hits. Visit our "Music" page to get a sample list of the kinds of music I carry. Remember, this is only a small sampling but it should give you a good idea. We update our music every day! 
2. We have some compact discs we’d like to have played - is that OK?
Absolutely – it is your night. It is not uncommon for a client to provide a few discs from their collection.
3. What can I expect my DJ to wear to my event?
Unless you request a dark suit or tuxedo, your DJ will be wearing tasteful, dark-colored dress slacks, a classical, starched, long-sleeved shirt and tie.  Your DJ will have a professional and neat appearance for your event.
4. Do you charge for the time you spend setting up or tearing down?
No. Texas Sound Systems will never charge you extra for the time we spend for necessary venue meetings, planning, setting up or packing up at the end of your event.
5. Can you provide sound/music for my ceremony also?
Absolutely.  As an added bonus, if the location of the ceremony is the same as the reception, there is usually no extra charge for this (although it does count towards the hours of service).
6. Can you meet with me prior to my event?
Yes. In fact, I usually meet in advance with all my clients unless their schedule doesn’t permit (in which case we communicate regularly via email and/or phone). Generally, I meet you in advance of your event (about 2 - 3 weeks or so) so that we can do some planning together and discuss any details necessary. This meeting usually lasts about 1 hour.
7. How many years has Texas Sound Systems been in business and how many years have your individual Disc Jockeys been entertaining?
Texas Sounds Systems has been in business since 1968, when Joe Lozano, Sr. started entertaining crowds in South Texas.  His oldest son, Marco, has been a Disc Jockey for 24 years.  His youngest son, Joey Lozano, has been serving the South Texas area 20 years.  Robert Rodriguez has been in the business for 14 years.  Collectively, just for our premier DJs above, we have 70 years of experience – not to mention the benefit of all of them growing up around the music, and specifically the DJ industry.
8. I went to a wedding and the DJ was this really zany guy! He was running around and being very goofy and tugging on people to get them to dance. I don’t want a "zany" DJ at my event!
While Texas Sound System DJs encourage dancing and will try to get your crowd into it, we do it mainly through the music and tasteful announcements. We are not "zany" or "cheesy" DJs.
9. Can you act as the Master of Ceremonies for my event?
Yes.  During your event, we will stay in close contact with your other event professionals (such at your photographer, videographer, caterer, etc.) as well as your designated representative, to ensure that things keep moving smoothly. If you already have someone who will serve as MC, I will gladly work with that person also.
10. How many weddings do you perform for each month?
We do an average of 10 weddings per month. We also supply entertainment and/or sound and lights for corporate events, conventions, holiday parties and school events.
11. Can we come and see you perform at a reception?
Because your wedding is a personal event, we discourage “viewings” to occur.  But, you can discuss this with your DJ and we can arrange for you to either come to the venue before the beginning of a reception, or you may visit us at a convention-type showing.  We also welcome you to contact our past customers for references.  Please visit our "Testimonials" page to read quotes from past clients.
12. Do you have a reference list?
Check out the "Testimonials" page for a long list of quotes from past clients. If you would like to contact past customers directly, please contact me via email and I will provide a list of client names and phone numbers to you.
13. When should I book my event?
You can technically book your event at any time as long as the date is available. Usually, I get inquiries for available dates 8 to 12 months in advance but some clients book events with us up to 18 months in advance to secure their date and/or DJ.  In the near future, you will even be able book your event with our easy online contract system!
14. How much is the deposit?
We collect a non-refundable $200 deposit to secure your date.  Of course, this amount is applied towards your final balance which is required to be paid in full a week (7 days) before your event.  We are pleased to accept cash, personal checks, Visa and Mastercard.

15.“I sent an email to another DJ company, and they didn’t get back to me until 3 days later - I need someone who is more responsive!”
Customer service is very important to us!  With Texas Sound Systems, our response time is usually within 24 hours or less. Click here to contact us via email, or to talk to someone immediately, call our business line at (210) 497-8834 or our cell phone at (210) 367-9533.